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Should we continue to make home improvements?

Good points made by the first few responses.  Another concept I would introduce is that of added value vs. added desirability.  Remodeling a home will often make it more desirable to a potential buyer, where they may choose to offer on your property rather than your neighbor's.  This doesn't usually translate into a dollar to dollar return, but can put you in an improved position should you decide to sell while it's a buyer's market.  Keep in mind you also get the benefit of enjoying your upgrades over time vs. remodeling to sell.  My wife and I recently sold our urban Portland townhouse.  After a few months on the market we decided to do a light remodel of the two master bathrooms; a remodel we had been contemplating for the past six years (quartz slab counters, Kohler sinks, contemporary faucets, and modern paint, total of about $3000).  We had a showing the day work completed, and received a very acceptable offer shortly after.  We kicked ourselves for not remodeling sooner, but were happy to be moving into our next house.One last thing.  Many of my clients contact me for evaluations before they embark on remodel projects, so don't be shy about calling your trusted agent and asking for a detailed review of your current market value vs. a likely post-remodel value.  Make sure you find someone who understands you're not looking to sell anytime soon, and is content to create a long-term relationship.  Cheers!
June 06 2011

I am the first time home buyer ...please help me to find a good agent.

Dear Buu & other first time home buyers,One of the best places to start your search for an agent is by talking to friends, family, and co-workers who have recently bought or sold a home.  Ask them about their experiences before, during, and after the transaction.  Did the agent educate them on the process, and at intersections along the way?  How has the follow-up communication been after the sale? Never be afraid to ask if they would recommend the agent, or plan on using them for their next purchase/sale.Once you're interviewing buyer's agents feel free to ask for copies of client testimonials, or phone numbers of some of their recent clients (even if you don't plan on contacting them, it's good to see how the agent responds to your request).  Lastly, make sure you're comfortable with the person you're working with.  After all, he/she should be an extension of you, and continuously fight for your best interests. Best of luck to you on your first purchase. [edited by Zillow moderator to remove contact information and solicitation as per Good Neighbor Policy]
June 04 2011

Miscategorized? Land instead of Single Family

The listing is automatically generated from Zillow and the information pulled from MLS.  You will have to contact them to have them alter their search fields.  The lot is a residential lot, which is why it's listed on MLS under raw land, residential (non-commercial, industrial, or mixed zoning).  The address itself is shared between the house next door (4831 NE 31st ave NORTH) and this one is 4831 NE 31st Ave. SOUTH.  Are you looking to purchase?
January 29 2009
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