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Gail Wiesner wrote:

Can anyone explain the North Carolina Due Diligence fee?

Although the buyer had most of the advantages in the past, that was not as significant because it was a seller's market. After 2008 the time was ripe to give the seller's an advantage with due diligence fees. They are not always given by the buyer's but now that it is turning back to a seller's market, due diligence fees are showing up more and are getting higher. It is turning into a true advantage to the seller. I opposed the due diligence fee when North Carolina proposed it, but no one listened., They kept saying "it is done in other states". I have seen that it was an unfair advantage in those other states and did not think it was a good solution to keep the two sides balanced.The truth is that North Carolina has radically swung into a "business and dollars are everything" mode. Don't expect anything to change for the better any time soon. Buyers beware. You may want to have someone take a look at the house before you even make an offer.
July 18 2013
Searches don't work
I have several rental listings that show up in my profile, but mot in searches. I have Windows 7, IE 8 and have no pop up blocker. What gives?
March 14 2012
I changed my phone number on my profile weeks ago, but the old number still shows up on my listings.
It is correct on my local MLS. Of course, there is no way to contact anyone at Zillow. It is causing all kinds of problems. How can I get it changed?
May 31 2010

Listing not showing up under my profile "my listings"

I cannot change the listings I have to my account. I have tried "claiming" it and when I do it says to "go to my listings". When I do there are none.The only other option is to create another profile. That's pretty stupid. How do you change the email address from the feed? You giveno directions and there are no links or clues on the site. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that a broker-in charge name shows on the listing and he isn't even my broker-in charge. I haven't bothered to mess with Zillow in over a year because there are so many problems and mistakes. I thought I would give it another try. I see nothing has changed. You still have the SAME problems and haven't improved. All that hype when you started and now one of the biggest flops around. When are you going to actually improve your program?The addresses are:322 AshdaleFuquay-Varina, NC 275261610 LogaDurham, NC 27701 
August 26 2008

Conact us

If you don't have the decency to have online or other help, why can't you at least have a way to search the comments? Are we supposed to read thousands of comments to MAYBE find an answer to our problem (of which there are many with this site)? I tried to enter a listing, spent a long time entering all the data, then it won't take it because I HAVE to put in lot size and THERE IS NO LOT SIZE. The property is a condo. There are many condos out here. I have written many comments to the comapny and even searched out the phone number and called, but have never gotten an answer to any of the difficulties I have had with this site. You spend a lot of time on some of the features and ZIP on others. Please explain. I will be amazed if this shows up online as other criticisms of your site we deleted.
November 28 2007