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The Zoller Group wrote:

I am trying to ad my listing at 4605 Pin Oak Ln. Zillow says that it is already listed.
This is regarding a previous question I posted about trying to ad my listing to My Zillow. Zillow says it is already listed. It is  but I want it to show up under my personal listings.
March 26 2009
I need to ad a listing. When I try, the site says the listing is already there. It isn't.
The site refuses the listing saying the it's already posted. It does not show up with my other listings.
March 19 2009

How can I look up the sales history for a house?

Please contact me at 713-661-0884 or  I will get the information for you.  Have a great week!Meg Zoller
February 22 2009

Foreclosure Question

Alex -We work the Meyerland area on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact us and discuss your concerns. We'll do whatever we can to assist you.  There is never an obligation for us to represent you. Have a great week!Meg
January 14 2009