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Money down, good job history & bad credit


Use #3000 to apply a debt card, borrow $2000 from that account and apply for another debt card. Repeat this for another debt account. Each month, pay it back. Several months later, your score shall be up. If you can get a real credit card, spend and pay it on time at least minimum amount. do not pay it off, leave $10 as balance each month and your score will get higher later. Talk to your loan professional for the score you need to get a loan for your house purchase.

have a lawyer doing remoderfication wants 3900.00


I have a loan modification program in the form of excel sheet. Type in the information and it tells you whether you can be qualified or not. If it does, what is your payment shall be and how much your payment will be reduced from original. for free!this is an simulation only. For reference purpose but it give you a very good idea about your situation. If an attorney is not able to tell you that and charge you, think more!

How does the loan-to-value ratio of a mortage affect PMI and downpayment?


This case, you will pay PMI if the down is less than 20% of the purchase price. However, 6 month later, if your appraisal is the same as today, you can use the aappraisal value for calculation to figure out whether you need PMI when you refinance. Check you mortgage broker for limitation and conditions.

Past closing date - Homepath home, still waiting for approval.


I have a case now that my client has signed the loan doc 10/27 to expect the homepath program to close by 10/31. Guess what?  The incompetent underwriter  found a problem that occurred 2 weeks ago and was satisfied then with the information provided from one credit history and  now funding has to extend to 11/4; if it happens!You are not alone. Fannie Mae shall qualify these lenders more careful or have a review system to check these lenders. Or we shall announce the name of these lenders to the public on internet. Be patient!