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Isaac Cabrera
Home Inspector (9 years experience)



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The Golden Rule of Home Inspections is not much different than the actual Golden Rule. "Do the inspection as if you were doing it for yourself!"


Superior Service:We limit ourselves to two inspections per day. It is simply not possible to do more than two inspections in a day and provide you with good service. Just look at what we have to inspect.

Did you know many inspectors do not walk a tile roof (most common roof). Most inspectors don't because they don't have to. Did you know that? They come up with good-sounding excuses such as "you will forfeit the roof's warranty" not true: inspectors are exempt from this claim. "My inspection from a ladder is just as good as being on the roof" also false and what of two story homes? The truth is that they lack the training necessary to walk the tile roofs with confidence.

Many inspectors also shine a flashlight from the attic access or crawl space opening and won't go in. Yes, it gets real hot in the summer but we go in and inspect it anyway. Our philosophy is simple: your need to know is our main concern and these inspections are crucial. Most inspectors that don't crawl the attic or a crawl space don't do so just because they are out of shape or are just plain lazy. The state of Arizona only requires us to describe how we did the inspection – so "shined my light from the opening" is considered good. But let me assure you it isn't; Not for your! What's in your attic or crawl space? These inspections are just too important not to inspect them correctly. Your clients pay us to go in there and tell them what we see and not for excuses.

Can other inspectors tell you if there are any hidden gas or water leaks? We can because we do a superior inspection. The choice is clear when you know what questions to ask.

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