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Staging for Selling


Being a home stager myself, I disagree totally with Deborah. I believe that every house needs to be staged. You want your house to look its best, the rule of the 3 C'sClutter freeClean ColorYou want to pack all of your personal objects : pictures, collections of any sort, posters, etc...You want the buyer to envision themselves living in your house.You want to attract as much buyers as possible.It is proven that staged homes sale faster and for more money.Staging doesn't cost a lot of money. You have to ask yourself , would I sell my house the way it is ?Do not forget, buyers are not buying your stuff, they are buying the house. Make it attractive, and inviting to them.Stagers will do as little as you want or as much as you want. We are here to help you your realtor have a successful sale.

What is the best way to add value to my home?


I agree 100% with Joan. The best way to add value to your house is to prepare it as much as you can, by cleaning it, decluttering it , fixing and repairing what needs work, changing the color of the walls if needed, changing the carpets, or best as Mark said removing the carpets. The way your live in your house and the way you sell your house is two different things.Too often sellers think that to add value to their home they need to spend lots of money. It is absolutely false. You really can invest a little bit of money that will come back to you and more.The investment of preparing your house for sale is always less than your first price reduction.It pays to prepare your house for sale. It shows that you care about it. If the house is taking care of, it will attract more buyers. More buyers you  attract, more competition it will create. The sale will be a successful one. I am a home  stager and by experience I can tell you that preparing your house for sale  will definitely add value to your house.Lexington, MA