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Ivette Rodriguez Anderson wrote:

Seller Contributions - Tax Deductible for the Seller?
I've always understood that seller contributions are tax deductible for the seller.  My seller called her accountant who informed her that seller contributions are deductible for the buyer.  My accountant agrees with me - that seller contributions are tax deductible for the seller.  Can anyone point me in the right direction please?  Thank you so much!! 
September 20 2009

I am a First time home buyer with 565 score and 36,105 salary. what help is there for me besides fha

The short answer is no.  Conventional mortgages rely heavily on credit scores but there are other things to consider - amount of down payment, years on the job, money in reserves, etc.  I'd suggest finding a mortgage professional to help investigate your options.  Holler if you need any other advice.  Many thanks, Ivette
February 28 2009

Real Estate Professionals where are you from?

I'm located in the NW suburbs of ChicagoI specialize in residential real estate, working with many Spanish speaking clients - referrals welcome :)Business is slow but steady.  Great buys all around.  Having a buyers' workshop next week in Hoffman Estates.  [content removed by moderator for being self promotional]
December 01 2008