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Why is the price of my Townhouse reflecting a lower price than comp's in my complex?


In the modern computerized age we're in today we often forget that comps derived simply by address do not consider all the attributes of a property when spitting out a number.  I have found that often when Foreclosures are factored in, while a legitimate sale, you cannot truly compare a distressed property with a property that is updated and move in ready.  To truly get a fair market price comparison, I believe the property must be seen.  Often the "street view" can be deceptive, both positively&negatively.  Have a local real estate professional do a Comparitive Market Analysis for you or pay for a professional appraisal.  Either way will give you a true fair market value for your townhouse.

Does the $8000 tax credit have to be paid back?


Under the most recent and current Stimulus Plan, the $8000 does not have to be repaid if you own the home for at least 36 months.  The previous $7500 credit was an interest free loan from the govt. that required repayment of $500 per year over a 15 year period. 

foreclosure condo


You certainly need someone to look out for your interest.  An agent can give you a fair estimate of closing cost as well as review the sales contract, and determine the current market value of the condo you are interested in buying.  Sometimes having a pro to look over things can save you lots of money and headaches.

Do I sell now or wait a year?


The answer really depends on your motivation to sell.  Do you have a financial burden in keeping the home now?  Are you transferring and need to move?  Has your personal situation changed so that a move is necessary?  Have you found the "home of your dreams" at a fantastic price?  If the answer is yes to any of the above, then selling now might be the correct answer. You will need to consult with a local Realtor to get a Current Market Analysis for you property to really establish the value of your home.