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My Name is Jake Baxter and I have been in the mortgage business for 6 years.  I currently work for Advancial Mortgage, a National Wholesale/ Jumbo Lender.  We sell direct to Fannie Mae and offer a group of portfolio products we keep on our books. I can be reached @ 972.201.1632 or via email:

Program Highlights:


• Jumbo financing up to $3,000,000.00

• Non-warrantable Condo and Condotel financing

• Co-ops

• Expatriate program available. No SS# or US credit required

• Cash out refinances with $1,000,000 cap on dollar amount   

• Cash out refinances on properties recently purchased with cash (no seasoning required)

• Acreage and unique properties   

• Asset based loan qualifications on a case by case basis

• Second homes

• No restricted markets

• Products available in all 50 states and territories

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