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I found a FSBO that I want to purchase.


Considering that you do not have a contract agreement the fast answer is no you do not have the use the services. A something that you may want to consider is repersantion, finding the property is only part of the service. Putting a deal together and keeping it together are two different things. There is a lot to be said of an agent the represents you and has your best interest at heart. 

should I, pay for a house the price the agent is asking for????


Hi Eberganza I agree with Sinead "DEPENDS" their are a number of variables to consider. DOM days on the market a new listing the seller may be expecting closer to the listing price a property that has been on the market for a considerable length of time you may be able to test the waters with a lower offer. There is the condition to consider the location to consider the motivation of the seller. Each property usually has its own set of circumstances. A CMA comparative market analyses from a competent agent is most likely your best bet. I would suggest that you  interview a couple of agents that will provide repersantion for you. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me allways happy to help. Good luck 

We have our home listed on Zillow and the value it's saying is severly wrong. How can it be fixed?


Hi Zillow has some very interesting descriptions on youtube. I think this link should be helpful. Keep in mind that a Zestimate is just an estimate and not to be a substitute of a CMA Comparable Market Analysis of a local agent that has their finger on the pulse of market conditions in their area of expertise. Good luck

house price is to high compared to others in the same block


HI Berniecfc unless there is some reason to justify  that kink of a price hike that could do you mere harm than good. I wish you the best, you may want to have a licensed  appraiser do a full report for you. It may cost you a little but could save you a lot or even better help you sell for top dollar in a reasonable time frame. Again all the best for you.  

Has anyone had any luck getting HAFA to reduce their approval price?

Best Answer

Ask the negotiator what the MANP (Minimun Acceptable Net Proceeds) number is. It may be lower than the approval price 15 to 25% lower. Send comps do a CMA to suport the value. Give them a report on the showings to let them know what the feed back has been and how often the property has been shown. Good luck