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Can I ask for PROOF OF FUNDS before I show my FSBO house?
We are selling our vacation home at a low price (65 percent of appraisal) to get a cash deal and close fast .  It is paid for but we want it out of our hair as my husband will have several overseas assignments to choose from this in August with 3 to 7 year contracts. I am going up every other weekend to show it starting next weekend and already have over ten people wishing to see it from a newspaper ad and Craigslist   I do not want to deal with someone getting a mortgage drama in todays anal underwriter days LOL and specified in adds CASH DEALS ONLY.  Is there anything illegal about me demanding to see proof of funds prior to appointments as it is a view oriented lot and houses in there get alot of "sightseers" when they show who really are not house shopping as much as passing their time.
June 16 2013

OAK GROVE ON ACREAGE should we rent it out furnished???

Mr BoyetteThank you ever so much for your response.  I have just submitted your name and contact information to my old spinning rolodex (an apparatus before your time how we kept up with names and numbers LOL) for when the home is next vacant I will contact you to see if you have anyone with need of it .  We showed it one exhausting Saturday to eleven prospects and each set wanted it.  I wound up leasing it to a grad student whose wife is professionally employed in Hattiesburg and they are going to build in the area when he is done with school himself.They mentioned this last weekend on the phone that a very large new home is going in on a 40 acre spread of land the owners recently purchased up the road.  As well a very very lavish home with a large guest house was just built on small acreage down the road last year. So the area is booming even in these times and we were unscathed by the recent tornado. That area is too precious as you will have an 800k house and a 125k house and an old settlers cottage and a 400k house and a mobile home all next door to each other and not just in a place or two all over that Oak Grove area way out and we have had several teardowns in the area since 2000 where people will buy a home and tear it down to rebuild on the land.Again thank you ever so much. I truly shall contact you the moment the current tenants give notice.Kindest regards,Adele
February 18 2013
A tier credit...seeking renovation mortgage to purchase and rehab in NATCHEZ MISSISSIPPI
Can pay 20 percent down AND pay for own rehab out of pocket.  House is well UNDER value we are qualified for.  Fixed rate 30 year only.  Ready to buy at once.
October 25 2011
Which neighborhoods in Youngstown are favored by the affluent?
What areas in Youngstown are most favored by the affluent and the established families of the area?
November 09 2010
Quality areas of Youngstown
What areas are favored with the established families and old money in Youngstown?
November 09 2010