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how do people make money on sale?


You may be right.  How much you clear on your house definitely depends on what you can sell it for and how much you have invested in it.  You may want to consider renting it - IF that is an option to you - because the rental market is ON FIRE right now.  If that is not a choice for you, then you may want to wait for the market to go up before you sell.  Just a friendly FYI, Realtors do not "make a profit", they earn an income.  Realtors work for free until they get paid, and they work really hard - especially in a "down" real estate market.  I know - I am one!  For Realtors, it can be feast or famine; we don't earn regualr paychecks or have benefits, and we never know where our next job is coming from.If you'd like an estimate of what you might sell your home for, feel free to contact me.  No pressure whatsoever.Regards,Janey