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Jaclyn McKenna wrote:

How can i get zestimate on a certain house?

Hi There,In order to get the estimate of a certain house, type in the full property address in the search bar.  If you to go to, there is a "Find Homes" search bar in the middle of the page.  Type in the address of the property, and it should give you a zestimate, and it may also give you what it sold for recently (if it has sold within the last few months).The Zestimate value may be higher or lower than the actual market value, depending on how much data Zillow has on the home.  (For instance, they may not know that a kitchen renovation was completed last June).  The Zestimate is a good starting point in determining a home's value, but in order to get a specific detailed estimate of a home, I would suggest having a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) done on the home.I hope that was helpful!  Please let me know if you have any other questions or would like a CMA done on the house you are interested in.  I would be happy to assist you.Jaclyn McKenna
November 27 2012