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Does a new roof add any value to a home?

  A new roof will not give you direct compensation but it will add value in other ways.  An old roof may scare buyers away and more than likely need to be replaced if the appraiser tells the Lender it needs a new roof.  This can be a deal breaker at times.  You have to determine the condition of the roof before estimating the "value" a new roof may bring.
September 04 2013

Earnest Money deposit

   If you have signed off on a 3.5% down and then your Lender changes it to 5% then you can terminate the contract due to not being able to obtain credit approval stated in first paragraph of the Third Party Financing Addendum as long it is within the stated number of days that both parties have agreed upon.  Of course, I am in the United States of Texas, so we do allot of things different from other states when it comes to Real Estate.
September 03 2013