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Is it legal to do a short sale while you're renting the property?


It is legal, but getting the bank to agree to the short sale will be your battle. Traditionally, banks have frowned upon short sales for non-owner occupied properties. However, the recent wave of bad news regarding foreclosures (i.e., "robo-signers, etc.) has the banks a little jumpy and they are more likely to talk to owners about short sales these days.My advice to you would be to get a good Realtor to guide you through the process of applying to your lender for a short sale. The fact that they are pushing you toward a refi tells me they may not be in the mood to agree, but it's worth a try. Know that every facet of your financial status will be examined and unless true financial hardship can be determined, the bank is not likely to agree. Frankly, I'm surprised you were able to get the new house while still owning the other house. Typically for that scenario to fly you have to have at least 30% equity in the old house, maybe you did but rents still aren't high enough to cover your costs.If you were able to do a refi, will the rents cover your new payment?

There are 4 listings for my SFR on zillow


I don't work for zillow - I'm a Realtor who advertises on - but it may help you to know that listings on can be manually posted by the homeowner, the Realtor or anyone else with an inclination to do so. The listings do not automatically expire and they do not track multiple listing service activity - the status must be changed or listing deleted manually.  Additionally, posts their own "listing" or sorts - if you search by address you will find info and perhaps past photos of the property accompanying their "Zestimate". If you phone or e-mail customer service you may have better luck getting the correction made rather than posting here on the advice section. Good luck!

Is there a delay in posting Realtor reviews on Zillow?

I sent a client an e-mail asking her to post a review. She e-mailed back saying it was done, but I haven't yet received a confirmation e-mail that it's posted and it isn't sshowing on-line yet. Is there a delay?