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What is the best laptop for an agent?


I use an I pad which works flawlessly with GAMLS. The only way to access FMLS is to us an app to link back to your desk top, which is cumbersome at best, but as Sally pointed out FMLS is supposed to be Mac compatible by the end of the year.I was told early this year by an FMLS employee that Fusion would be Mac compatable, but it isn't yet. Also worth mentioning.....The I pad is instant on. No booting up. And, the battery lasts me all day.

What does replacing windows add to the price of a home for sale?


Unfortunately not much unless the visual diffrence, or curb appeal  is dramatic. ther eae other ways to spend a small amountof money that might enhance the value of your home. Check wiht a realtor in yoru area and get their opinion.

Best ways to get realtors to send me mortgage business?


Send the realtors clients and they will reciprocate. Do what you say your going to do. Handle all realtor referrals with intregity and respect. Keep the realtor that referred them in the loop as to whats going on.