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11/01/2014 - stocks4jim
Found a tenant for a Multi Family home in Columbus Circle, New York, NY.

Javier helped me rent my apartment and was there every step of the way. He had input on the finishing touches of the renovation, helped with the pricing and was able to find terrific tenants. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

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10/07/2014 - fivead2
Helped me rent a Other home in Upper West Side, New York, NY.

Javier made me smile from the moment we first got on the phone. I asked him question after question, he not only help me find a wonderful place but has stayed in contact every step of the way. please call him as soon as possible!

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03/24/2014 - nwoods6
Helped me rent a home.

I fell in love with an apartment that proved to be a tough building to get a lease in. Javier's professionalism and strong relationship with the landlord turned an overwhelming experience into a seamless one. He was so persistent with my paperwork and reassuring, I am now living in my dream apartment thanks to his assistance.

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03/23/2014 - user3426447
Sold a home in 2013.

Javier actually wasn't our primary agent during the process of selling our unit however his skills and abilities are such that other agents come to him for support which is what ours did and speaks volumes to his level of credibility within his own industry by his peers. Seriously, how many agents do you know that are willing to share anything with each other?. During the process from listing to close, Javier was fully engaged and extremely helpful. He made us feel like we had two full-time agents handling our property and was available and responsive to us at all times.

Anyone working with Javier on a Real Estate transaction is in extremely good hands.

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03/15/2014 - farawrose
Helped me rent a Other home in Clinton, New York, NY.

Javier came highly recommended through a friend. He immediately understood my needs and took the time to locate the most ideal rentals considering location and price. What can be an exhaustive and painstaking process turned out to be a relatively easy one. In what can be a grueling endeavor, where one can spend countless hours searching, mine with Javier took very little time. We ultimately found an apartment in a relatively short time. Javier followed up after my move to inquire about my happiness with the apartment and to let me know that he could always be of assistance. I enthusiastically recommend him.

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Response from Javier on 03/17/2014

Thank you so much for the review. It was a pleasure helping you find a new home. Look forward to seeing you soon.



02/07/2014 - dsant006
Bought a Cooperative home in 2014 in Upper East Side, New York, NY.

This was my first endeavor purchasing a home in NYC, which as you can imagine can be a very stressful experience for a property virgin. However, Javier Amor made this entire process go smoothly. He was able to negotiate a great deal as I wished. He was always dependable and responsive to my questions and concerns. Javier always made himself available to my demanding work schedule. More importantly, later on as we went through the inspection and close process, he followed-up with the appropriate parties in making sure that even the tiniest of items were handled correctly and to my liking. Javier made buying my first home seamless and pleasurable. I can't stress how important it is to choose a great realtor, and now that I am standing at the finish line, I clearly know I did.

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Response from Javier on 03/17/2014

Thank you, thank you and thank you! I really enjoyed working with you. Look forward to seeing you soon.



11/22/2013 - rdavis68
Bought a home in 2013.

Javier was an absolute pleasure - professionally and personally - to work with. My husband and I were making our first property purchase and his guidance, enthusiasm and patience as our agent made all the difference. I couldn't recommend him more strongly to you!

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Response from Javier on 12/13/2013

Thank you so much for the wonderful review. Look forward to seeing you soon. :)



11/14/2013 - caroline rees
Bought a Apartment home in 2013 for approximately $1.325M in Upper West Side, New York, NY.

Javier has helped us find two rental apartments and then the apartment we bought this year. We go back to him again and again because he stands out from the crowd. He listens and understands what you're looking for. He doesn't waste your time with things that are not a fit, but he does advise you wisely on what the market can offer you for your budget and priorities. And he sticks with you to the end of the process without losing focus. He's a rare gem in a field where there are too few.

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Response from Javier on 12/13/2013

Working with you is a complete joy. Look forward to seeing everyone in your new home.



11/13/2013 - user5703136
Sold a Condo home in 2013 in West Village, New York, NY.

Soon after I met Javier, I told him that, when the time came, I wanted him to sell my apartment. I saw how dedicated he was, that he genuinely enjoys what he does, and that he could be trusted. Javier is dedicated, insightful, patient, good-humored, honest and works hard to make sure that a client is going to be a good fit for a property.

My West Village apartment was beautiful and a great place to live, however it would not appeal to everyone. Javier made sure that we had great visibility, that the open houses were well-attended, and he even got the apartment featured in the NY Times. From the initial planning stage, through the selling stage and the closing, Javier was in control of the sale in every step of the process, and I am completely satisfied with the end result. When it comes to Real Estate, you will benefit from having Javier Amor on your side, and I recommend him without any hesitation.

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Response from Javier on 12/13/2013

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I loved marketing and selling your home very much! Great seeing you in NYC and on the West Coast. :)



11/11/2013 - mchudnov
Sold a Cooperative home in 2013 in Upper West Side, New York, NY.

Javier helped us sell our co-op apartment and buy a new one, and rent another apartment for my mother. Our experience was nothing short of remarkable: all we had to do was sit back, relax, and watch our real estate needs fulfilled. During the 5 months long process (that is from deciding to put our apartment on the market to closing on our new home, with two mortgages and two board approvals along the way) we spent 2 months abroad and had a baby: Javier was 100% hands on, 100% reliable, 100% "don't worry I'll take care of it" kind of agent. In fact, he was wiling to meet me at the hospital when I was in labor to sign a lease on our rental!

I give Javier my absolute highest recommendation; I know I will never need to look for a real estate agent again! His knowledge and expertise are truly amazing: from thorough understanding of the real estate market, to his ability to recommend lenders and contractors, to his incredible negotiating skills that allowed him to broker a rare and complicated deal for us. He was able to make the purchase of our new home be contingent on the sale of the old one, which everyone tells me is unheard of in today's climate.

Javier is now our golden standard for quality of service. I give his name to anyone who would listen, with complete confidence and no hesitation. You will not regret using him; in fact you are likely to receive service at a level you did not think existed!

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Response from Javier on 12/13/2013

Thank you for your kind words. You and your family are wonderful people. Can't wait to see you in your new home. :)