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how do i use zillow to get property appraisal


Zillow has a zestimate which is not reliable for determining value. An appraisal is done by a proffesional appraiser and is usually hired by the buyers lender on a home to determine if the purchase price of the home is reasonable so they can make the loan. For sellers, you can also use an appraiser if you wish. However, in most instances, a realtor can provide a simular home value assessment called a CMA(Comparative market analysis) which is based, as is the appraisal, on the recently sold properties, condition, quality, competing homes, ect. which works well. If you really prefer an appraisal contact a realtor to help you find a reputable appraiser.

how do i find my homw on zillows to get its value


type in your address under the "Find home values and Listings" on the front page of zillow and press "Go". zillow will locate your home.  Zillow provides their estimate(zestimate) However, I would contact a local realtor and ask them for an estimate of the value of your home.

How do I get an estimate


the best way to get an estimate on your home is to call a local realtor.

what is the status of this home? Is it for sale and how does one learn more?


According to the "listing web site", shown here on zillow the property is no longer on the market and has been labeled inactive. If your looking for bank owned and short sale properties send me an e-mail with your criteria and I will send you a some property details that fit your needs.

this is a condo or townhose?


According to the listing agents website it's a townhome. If your interested give me a call.