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my credit is not good at all ,and i am a sigle parent,and i am getting ready to take on a second job


Hi Snubbie:  you are doing the right thing by asking this very important question.  My suggestion is to meet with a reputable mortgage rep in your area and go over your credit with them.  They will tell you what to do now in order to clear up your credit and be able to purchase in the near future.  this may take a few months to clear it up and several months of clear credit afterwards to be able to obtain a loan, so starting the process asap is definitely what you need to do.  good luck

First time home buyer??


Hello African Violet - LOVE the nameI would recommend checking with a reputable mortgage rep in your area.  Sometimes the programs differ.  I want to say that since your name is on the title (Deed), then you do in fact own real estate.If your current husband in on the mortgage note, then only he is responsible for the payment, but you still have ownership interest.  make sure you get your name off ALL credit cards and joint accounts...this often creates credit issues that people don't think about.  Good luck :)

Why sell now? (if you don't have to)


Well, i guess it depends on your situation.  In some cases it may be better to hold off selling if you can't sell now because you owe too much.  You may be able to rent your place and still buy another.  The bank will usually consider 75% of the rental income as your yearly income so if you don't have a lot of debt, you can still purchase another home and sell the current one later.That being said, in my area, South of Boston, the sales are up, but the prices are still down over last year.  some towns have faired better than others. Deciding whether to sell or not is a person by person decision based on their needs and financial abilities at the moment. :)

what is the rate for a va loan in queens,ny


check in your local paper.  They usually have a list of interest rates.The VA can still purchase and take advantage of the $8000 tax credit if you have been deployed.  They extended this credit only for veterans who have been away and unable to take advantage of it.  It's good for another year.Good luck.I think the VA loan vary depending on how much $$ you are putting down and what your credit score is.

Is it best to use a development's own agent to buy a resale in a 55+ community?


Hi There:  I am a realtor in MA on the south shore.  I would suggest that you contact the development office at the place you want to live.  I would think that they are more familiar with what homes are located where and which ones meet your criteria.  Since they would know the subdivision better than anyone else, I would put out individual feelers to each individual subivision since working with your individual agent isn't working for you.Either that, or drive by these properties before making appts.