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- Highly likely to recommend
09/05/2014 - dayspring5
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $250K in Clackamas, OR.
I have to say that working with Jedidiah has been a pleasure. In our first month of looking we had 3 different homes we were interested in that turned into bidding wars on their 1st day on the market. Jedidiah was great at giving us advice and keeping us realistic about the homes that fit our budget and had the features we wanted.

We looked at one home that we liked that was at the very top of our price range, and decided that we could make a full price offer if the seller paid closing costs. It would stretch our monthly payment to the top end but we liked the house. Jedidiah talked with the listing agent and found out that even though it was the first day on the market there were already 3 other offers on the home. After discussing with Jedidiah what we would need to offer and what it would cost monthly we decided not to pursue it. I appreciated that he kept us grounded so the "emotions" of the process didn't drive our decisions. He was right there were “other homes out there.”

I was impressed with Jedidiah's easy going nature during the shopping phase of our purchase, and when we found a home and it came time to negotiate he approached the negotiating stage like he was buying a home for himself. We were buying in a desirable area with a lot of competition in a “hot market”. He was able to get concessions on closing costs and inspection repairs. We ended up with a home in the neighborhood we wanted, with the features we wanted, and a payment lower than we had budgeted and are very happy.

I enthusiastically recommend Jedidiah. He took the time to listen to what was important to us and showed us homes that fit. Buying a home is quite an experience and is one that we don’t do very often. I cannot think of another realtor I would want to guide me through the process and to work on my behalf.
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- Highly likely to recommend
08/30/2014 - user3836029
Sold a home in 2014.
There are many, many Realtors to choose from, but most will only do the minimum amount of work for the maximum payout. We had several friends and family members to choose from, but we decided to go with Jedidiah Kehrli because of his attention to detail. Everyone knows a Realtor in their circle of people. Ask yourself, would you rather sell your house for top dollar or settle and liked by your Realtor friend? For us we needed to sell our house quickly and for the maximum amount. We received the full asking price and the desired outcome in a timely manner. Jedidiah was in constant communication with us and the other parties involved. He was everything we needed in a Realtor. When you find a good mechanic, doctor, or contractor you stick with them because they are rare and trustworthy. We feel that way about Jedidiah Kehrli. It was Jedidiah’s thorough understanding of the market that brought us to him, but it is his professional drive and candor to complete the sale of our home that allows us to recommend him to all sellers and buyers. When executing a business transaction like buying or selling a house it is important to choose a Realtor who will go the extra mile to assure the best outcome for each family. Choose Jedidiah!
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- Highly likely to recommend
11/20/2013 - user9394120
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $250K in Milwaukie, OR.
In choosing Jedidiah Kehrli to help my family find and purchase our first home, all I can say is that he went above and beyond for us!! He was prompt and accurate in all of his correspondence and very clear in communicating things is "regular people," terms!! Always punctual and thorough in searching for daily listings for us and making the necessary appointments for our walk throughs together. Any questions we had, Jedidiah had an answer! He made this experience fun! While needing to look at properties in the evenings due to our work schedules...Jedidiah still took the time and made it happen! He kept an energetic and uplifting attitude and directed us when needed to help fit our needs of property size and financially for our budget. He gave us hope in finding our perfect home and guess what? We found our perfect home and love, love, love it!! We can surely trust him and we are proud to say we made a new friend in this process. Also his follow ups are much know he still cares!! God bless him for his kindness, hard work, honesty, obvious experience, dedication, follow ups and friendship! If you are looking or even thinking about becoming a new home owner call Jedidiah Kehrli, you won't regret that you did! Monique and Justin Grant
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- Highly likely to recommend
10/25/2013 - gacrockett
Bought a Single Family home in 2010 for approximately $450K in Gresham, OR.
Our bid was timefully submitted with outstanding results ! Jedidiah gave us his full attention and our offer was accepted within one day! His advise was spot on...if you need an agent to represent you...I am sure he will provide the high level of professionalism that he gave us. The thank you dinner out for my wife and I was not expected, but very thoughtful.
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- Highly likely to recommend
09/30/2013 - user2295934
Sold a home in 2009.
Jedidiah demonstrated professionalism with a balance of being personal, that was matched with great enthusiasm. He was supportive toward my brother and I as we prepared to let go of our childhood home after our mother had passed away. He created an excellent photo/info advertisement that captured the essence of the home, property and location. He showed excellent communication through the process of working with potential buyers' and the couple that eventually purchased the home. He graciously accepted our pricing the home higher than what it would eventually sell for and offered us his experience and wisdom with honest guidance in adjusting the price to a fair market price that ended up being our selling price. I would highly recommend Jedidiah to anyone looking to buy or sell their property. Stan Grimes
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- Highly likely to recommend
09/29/2013 - user51416670
Bought a home in 2013.
For the average person out there wanting to buy a house or property, a big investment like this can be a daunting task and a huge cost. No question, you want to make the best decision possible. After all, what you are about to do will likely impact your life for years to come, at least from a financial perspective. You will want to get the most for your hard earned money, while at the same time avoiding all the pitfalls that could blindside you and make your new purchase a big headache or worse yet a mistake. My wife and I were recently looking to buy a house. One of the challenges we were facing was the location where we were looking was about two hours drive away from our location. We did not know anyone there to work with. We needed an honest, experienced real estate agent, and one who could go with us and help us to find the perfect house to buy. We chose Jedidiah Kehrli to represent us for this search, and that was one of the two best decisions my wife and I made during our house search. The second best decision was the house Jedidiah eventually helped us locate and then purchase! Jedidiah is very knowledgeable about the real estate market. He understands what factors make some houses higher in value or lower in value. During our house search, Jedidiah took us to a dozen different houses that we had identified as potential houses to visit. As we toured each house, Jedidiah’s knowledge and insight of construction became very obvious to these two inexperienced house buyers. He pointed out houses that were built with higher quality raw materials and expert workmanship. He also pointed out houses that contained issues of concern, or hidden problems that were not always obvious to us. Jedidiah was like a guiding light to us during our house hunting, making sure that we understood everything that we looked at. He provided us with a lot of good advice and recommendations. He made what could be a stressful experience a very positive one. When it was all said and done my wife and I eventually found the perfect house, which exceeded all of our expectations, but did not exceed our budget! Once we found the house Jedidiah made the negotiations and purchasing process a very smooth process. In closing, if you are looking for a good real estate broker to represent you, Jedediah is your man! How can you go wrong working a guy who is honest, sincerely cares about his clients, knows his industry, and has a track record for success?
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- Highly likely to recommend
09/29/2013 - user0111746
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $300K in Gladstone, OR.
Jedediah has helped me buy or sell several homes and his level of excellent service has remained the same, year after year. My Husband and I bought an older home, in Gladstone, and we were amazed at how knowledgeable Jedediah was about siding, roofing, dry rot signs, etc. He not only helped us locate the home, but thoroughly "looked it over" to make sure we were made aware of potential problem areas. I really appreciated that because neither my Husband or I have an expertise in that area. I also really trust Jedediah, in the area of negotiation, as well as his ability to understand the "fine print" I can honestly say that without his exceptional negotiating skills, I don't believe that we would be in our new home. Jedediah makes sure that you get what you pay for. I highly recommend him and would definitely give him my business any time I need to buy or sell a home.
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- Highly likely to recommend
09/29/2013 - user2937785
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $400K in Oregon City, OR.
I first used Jedidiah when my new bride and I were selling our existing homes and purchasing a home together. It was a very stressful time for us and Jedidiah made everything come together, with ease. He, not only handled our 3 transactions with excellence, but also gave us peace of mind in the process. We sold our two homes at top dollar and purchased our new home at a very low amount. Jedidiah is GREAT at negotiations and he went the extra mile to speak on our behalf in our "two party" bidding war, on our new home. We won! He then helped my parents purchase a home we they moved here from Reno. In July of 2012, we sold our home in Gladstone and purchased a brand new home in Oregon City. Jedidiah was once again working hard, on our behalf, to make sure our dream would come true. After many days of hard work and dedication, we were able to purchase our dream home. I would Highly recommend Jedidiah to be your personal guide in buying or selling a home. You would not be disappointed and you would have peace, knowing you choose him as your Realtor!
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- Highly likely to recommend
09/27/2013 - user25791404
Sold a Single Family home in 2002 for approximately $225K in Tigard, OR.
I used Jedidiah's services and Cross Road Homes to sell and purchase my new home. The process was very efficient and professional. We had a contingent offer on our new home while trying to sell our current home. Jedidiah was very proficient with listing our home. The marketing and picture was very professional and timely! He was able to get us on RMLS within days and schedule an open house shortly afterwards. He has a excellent knowledge of the entire process. It is very important to have a agent that knows how to negotiate the purchase of our new home and the sales price of the home we where selling. The whole process was extremely smooth and took approximately took about 30 days total. In summary we had a extremely enjoyable and comfortable experience. I highly recommend Jedidiah for anyone looking at selling or buying a home. My suggestion is to have someone you trust, and Jedidiah displayed his trustworthiness throughout the entire process. He was able to perform and execute our goals in a tight time schedule. I have the utmost confident and respect for Jedidiah as a real estate professional.
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- Likely to recommend
09/26/2013 - user9388532
Sold a home in 2010.
Jedidiah helped us sell our home during the economic downturn in 2010. He got all our our paperwork done and our home listed in a timely manner. He helped negotiate with a buyer that was trying to really low-ball our home because of all of the foreclosures and short sales in the area, even though ours wasn't one of them. He kept negotiating until we had adequate terms for our sale.
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