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House value in 1999


Call a local Realtor. Maybe you know one. They can pull that information from the multiple listings for you.



Unfortunately, you might be had. The good news is that home values appear to be increasing ! 

I have 638 ficco score with equifax and i wanted to know can i get a refi for our manufactured home.


You should be able to get a refi as long as similar homes sold in the most recent 6 months or so relect a value that is not lower than what you will need yours to appraise at to qualify for the loan as a percentage of the home's value. For example, if the comparable sales average a value of$350K and lenders are willing to lend 80% of the home's value, than you should be able to attain a loan of $280K. You should check with your bank or credit union to see what their loan requirements are. Good Luck.

How can I find actual sales data before April, 2012


Perhaps I can help ! Realtors have access to that type of data. Email me the property address and exactly what data you are seeking. I will email you back with the data. Next time you or someone you know needs a great Realtor, refer them to me !