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Pros and Cons of buying new


Many times the choice to buy new or resale will rest upon the price of the home and if the buyer can wait or not.  Although a new home is very attractive to purchase - all that is shiny is not gold at times.  New homes do have issues that established resale homes do not.  Drywall has been fixed, plumbing issues have been found and anything else that can go wrong in a home in the first few years has already been dealt with.  A resale may even have a larger lot than the new construction home and all the trees and shrubs have matured and there is no dust from other new construction going on.  But on the other side of the coin, many like the feel of a new home.  New communities can offer quicker appreciation rates and you get to decide on your own style and have the bling put into your home from the beginning.  You also don't inherit another persons problem.  I sell a lot of new construction and the decision always comes down to timing and cost of the home.  If you can wait and it won't cost anymore, you might want a new home.