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Should the Buyer be present during "Their" home inspection?


Hi,We always recommend for our buyer clients to be present during the inspection. Although the inspection report is extremely thorough, we believe it's important to have the buyer present so the inspector can first hand point out potential repair concerns and future maintenance issues as well as important features of the home such as gas and water shut off valves and electrical panels.The inspection report can make things look much worse than they are and the inspector can help ease concerns by explaining the true severity of the items being called out in the report.As a buyer, it's important to know everything you can about the home you will be living in for years to come. A good home inspector can help point out the various features and aspects of the property from construction details to cosmetic work, they are the true experts and can help the new home owner gain knowledge about their home.

Is it possible to get approved for a loan if you only have 2% to put down. For a $275,000 home?


There are down payment assistance products and loan programs offered here in California which will allow you to come in with a minimum of a 1% down payment. There are typically income limits and credit score requirements as well as other qualifying guidelines.The CHDAP product is currently available, I have successfully closed transactions using this down payment assistance program.For more information follow this link to their website:

Is it possible to get approved for a home loan if you have the right income but a low credit score?


Hi Jlynn949,I think it's important to note that although for the most part lenders are abiding to the same lending guidelines, some lenders are more strict than others and may be more willing to work with your present credit situation.As mentioned, lenders do have the means to help fix your credit score more rapidly if that's what is needed to get done to help you qualify.My advice: Check with a couple different lender and brokers to make sure they are considering all options for you, they will be your best guide in helping to get you where you need to be to purchase your first home.