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How tough will it be for myself fiance and I to buy a home?


You have a couple problems, your credit score is quite low, yet your fiance's income is not high enough to get a large loan. I think one of the detyermining factors in deciding whther or not to apply together or separately is, what size of a loan will you be trying to get? If you are trying to get a large loan, you will need to apply together, even if it makes the approval process more difficult. Your best option is to contact a local lender and see with your DTI (Debt To Income ratio) would be with just your fiance and go from there

Can someone please advise me on refinancing?


You should contact a local, reputable lender and have them look into your situation. Many large lenders don't look past many of the easy refinancing programs, such as HARP and ignore all other customers. have someone look into refinancing your home and see if it is something you are in a position to do. best of luck

I'm a first time home buyer I have my credit score from all three agencies How do I get a mortgage


get in touch with a local lender first. Then you will know what you can afford and what your monthly payment will look like. You dont want to go to a realtor first and find out the homes you look at are out of your price range for whatever reason. they will pre-approve you for a loan amount and then you can start looking. A good mortgage professional should also be able to recommend a real estate agent in your area.

Gift Money


This shouldn't be a problem as long as he can document where the money is from (IE bank statements from the account its in). As long as he states it is a gift to you and needn't be paid back by you, it should be fine.

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There a lot more factors that determine your fees than what you listed. What is your credit score? What type of loan is it? The best way to find out how competitive that quote is, get more than one quote and work with you you feel the most comfortable with.