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Washington D.C. Real Estate Expert (4 years experience)

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Jeff Leighton, began his real estate career shortly after graduating James Madison University in 2009.  Since then, he has worked mainly with investors working in VA, DC, and MD to find profitable real estate deals of all types including fix and flip, cash flow, vacant lots, and condo conversions.  He was named to Under30CEO's Top 14 Entrepreneurs To Watch In Washington, D.C ( and also does real estate investing coaching at 

He works with all aspects of the real estate industry including short sales, foreclosures, hard money, investors, contractors, and many more who can attest to to his quality service.  Jeff's home buying company Action Homebuyers also works with investors to buy homes throughout the DC area. 

Jeff is aggressive and passionate about what he does always looking for ways to add value to his clients, properties, and anyone he comes in contact with. 

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