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What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-SLJWYJG


You are best served by seeking the advise of a mortgage professional to whom you have been referred.  Perhaps a family member, friend or work associate is a homeower who is willing to make an introduction to the mortgage professional that offered outstanding service.  Good luck.

When is the rate lock official - refinance


Rate lock confirmations start as a matter of trust between your mortgage professional and you.  The confirmation of that trusted conversation and your instruction to lock your rate is confirmed by loan disclosures that are furnished to you for your review, signature and return.  You did not mention if you are in receipt of disclosures.  If so, the rate lock confirmation would be included.  If you are not in receitp, it seems strange that your file is under review but you would have not yet received disclosures for a process that began in late November.  I urge you to become very proactive with your inquiries.

Any loans available? my husbands been at his job 11 years but i've only been working for 4 months.


I agree with Greg's response.  You will need to produce a pay stub evidencing at least 30 days of pay from full time employment at your current job as an underwriting condition.  With 4 months on the job, you have met this time requirement.  Of course, your entire borrower profile, inclusive of credit scores and assets will be reviewed for both you and your husband.  Good luck

I want to buy


While impossible to guarantee a flat to rising housing market, an economic case can be made for home ownership vs. renting.  I am happy to construct some rent vs. own illustrations with data about your contemplated purchase.   Contact me if you would like.  I wish you success with your schooling.