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Can someone please explain to me what a "widget" is???? Thanks!!!!!


The word means several things but within the web development community, it is a piece of self-enclosed code that can be embedded into a website or program to perform a specific function. Many websites take advantage of this type of code to increase their functionality and customization.For example, you can put a mortgage widget on your web site so people can use it to estimate a mortgage payment.Hope this helps.

Marketing Gone Wild

Several months ago I set out to find a utility bucket truck to take ariel and elevated exterior photos of homes. I found the perfect tool. It is a class 8 (25,000 lb GVW) utility truck with a 45' aerial lift. Not stopping there I had it wrapped in advertisements and use it for sign storage. I have got some great reviews on PFRE [link deleted by Zillow moderator; please refer to our Good Neighbor Policy] and Active Rain.The only negative I have received is from my Broker. He does not want me to park it at the office because it upsets the agents. Is this marketing envy? 

what is zestimate


A Zestimate is Zillow's way of letting prospective buyers and sellers know how much a home is worth. It is an estimate of property value. There information is based ob factual and inaccurate data supplied to them by different reporting factions like tax assessment departments, multi-list services, Etc...Always check with a local real estate representative when trying to value a property. While Zestimates can be fun and informative they can also be very inaccurate.Good luck.

How do you find the value of a specific location?


I agree with Jim's assessment but would like to add something to it. Finding a good Realtor is not as easy as it sounds. Interview some and you will find out that it is like every other service business. Some are better than others. It is obviously that once you find a good one listen to the good advice they give you.I have also seen people listen to their agent and not do so well with the advice. Ask people who bought homes around 2005 and 2006when everyone wanted to be a Realtor.Good luck.

Is it too late to involve a buyer agent?


There is a thing called threshold law in Pennsylvania. It states that "if a prospective customer is drawn to a property by signs, advertising or any other independent media, visits the property and is assisted by an agent (buyer or seller agent) and does not disclose that they have a representative then the procuring cause is the agent that met with them". It is also stated that upon visiting the agent should supply the prospective buyer with a consumer notice prior to discussing any business so the prospective buyer has an opportunity to consider their options.Plenty of gray area here. It is likely that you can go and get your own buyer agent to complete the transaction for you if you choose to move forward. Just be sure that the seller/builder paying your agent before you sign a business relationship agreement with that agent. You could be stuck paying your agent if they do not.Good luck. 

Negotiating Mortgage Rate


To simply answer your question.....Yes. All interest rates are negotiable. To what end is the real question. You can only ask the lender to find out.