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Need advise on the Home Mechanics?


If I was representing you I would suggest that you ask the seller to get this completed. But if you have the time and money it would be wise to hire your own HVAC specialist to review the system. Remember, the home inspector is not a professional in the HVAC field.

Does anyone have heard this?


This is a bogus fee. My office charges it to me just like Re/Max charges their agents. I eat it. It is ridiculous to pass this on to your customers, (Buyers or Sellers). Oh yes.....They charge the sellers the same.

Can anybody Explain Seller Assist in a simple way for buyer?


That is correct. You are using the homes value equity to pay for some of your closing costs. This will be reflected in your mortgage amount and payments. With rates as low as they are many people choose this path.

What is the difference bet'n Interest rate and APR?


here is an example. If the rate is 4% and you pay 2 points the interest rate may be 3.5%. The apr will reflect the 2 points you paid as a cost of the overall loan. So the apr would almost be the same in either case, It may be a little lower with the 2 points because you are buying the rate down therefore the overall cost of the loan over 30 years will be less.

What should I offer for the house?


Hello. I am the listing agent of the home in which you speak. Feel free to make any offer you are comfortable with. The sellers are very reasonable and are ready to have the home sold. Ask your agent for a market analysis and tell the agent to attach it to your offer so I can review it with the seller.Thank you for your interest in the home.

How do I report a realitor.


If  this happened in Berks County you can contact the Reading Berks Association of Realtors at the following number.610-375-8458Tell them your story and let them decide if action is warranted.You can also contact the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors at 800-555-3390.Good luck.

Re: predatory lending - half down half loan investment


Rudi's answer is very good. You may want to purchase the property using all cash and equitize it later with a line of credit against the property. This may help you get the best deal on the property and keep the loan costs down.