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Jenniffer Taylor wrote:

Is it common for a buyer's broker to charge the buyer a flat fee at time of closing?

On occassion some brokers may charge a flat fee to cover extra costs they have for paperwork.  I personally have never charged that fee to my clients and never would.
September 17 2010

24,000 Square Feet ????????

Zillow post inaccurate information. As the listing agent of this house I am horrified at the fact that this web site tries to estimate value and then also provides inaccurate information to buyers. I have sent them an email to correct the info, which I hope will take place ASAP. Correct Lot Size is approx. 7000 sq. ft., or .16-ac.Jenniffer TaylorPrudential CA Realty 858-720-7782
February 19 2008
Inaccurate information in Zillow about 3384 Mt Carol Drive, San Diego, CA 92111
Zillow has the lot size as 24,000 sq. ft.  I have no idea where that number came from because the lot size is approx. 7000 sq. ft.  A HUGE difference!  Please correct this ASAP!!!!!!! Jenniffer TaylorPrudential CA Realty  858-720-7782
February 19 2008