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12/04/2014 - CambriaFelt
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in Blacksburg, VA.

Jeremy was great to work with! He made himself available when we needed him most, but also gave us the space we needed to think things through and make decisions. He worked hard to listen and ask questions to help both him and us figure out what we wanted most and how to find it. As we were doing a cross-country move, I appreciated Jeremy's ability to communicate and work together using multiple means including online, emails, texting, phone calls, and being ready when we came in person.

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11/05/2014 - becky mackenzie
Bought a home in 2014.

Jeremy helped my husband and I both buy a home and was a dream to work with. He started by listening to what we thought we were looking for in a home. I wanted a 5 acre farmhouse, 1 county over and my husband wanted to be in the heart of town, walking distance to work. We were also considering buying land to build. The only thing we agreed on was that we wanted 4-5 bedrooms and a climbable tree. Jeremy was able to quickly work out what it was that was actually important to both of us and narrowed down our search criteria significantly. He is highly knowledgable about area builders, neighborhoods, and agents and was able to quickly point us towards what was likely worth looking at and what just looked good on paper. This was especially important as we had rather complex scheduling needs.

Jeremy was very respectful of our budget going so far as talking us out of buying a home that was both at the top of our budget and a poor value. He knew that were were qualified for significantly more than we wanted to spend and stayed well within our limits. He cared significantly more about our long term happiness with our home and budget than about his commission.

By the time we had looked at 8 houses, over 2 outings, we had zeroed in on our new home. Jeremy brought a cool head to negotiations and helped us purchase our home at a significantly lower price than we had expected.

Jeremy was readily available to answer questions throughout the process. He really enjoyed helping us understand the process of buying a home. He was ready to talk about everything from facts, figures, and legal jargon to child safety latches, climbing trees, and sidewalk locations. His assistant, Alma, was a wonder, keeping tabs on all the inspections, documentation, and the many small bits and pieces that make for a successful transaction.

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Response from Jeremy Hart on 11/07/2014

So, so nice of you! Glad everyone - including the dogs, are settling in!



07/17/2014 - charmed ones
Bought a home in 2014.

Jeremy was a blessing to us in our recent search for a townhouse in Blacksburg that would be used as a rental investment. As we had never been to the area before, our first two day trip was more of a fact finding trip. Jeremy is very professional, has a no nonsense approach, and has an extensive background with out-of-town investors and transactions like ours. He took the time to show us not only all the different sections of Blacksburg, but also the different condo and townhouse types and layouts. He emailed us very helpful links about the area. On our second trip about three weeks later, Jeremy, was out of town, but had his buddy, Skip, another top notch agent at Nest Reality, to cover for him. At the end of the day of looking we found the perfect townhouse. Right away, Jeremy was on the phone talking us, walking us through what we needed to do to make the offer and that he would take it from there to contact the seller. Jeremy had us covered! Both Jeremy and Alma helped both us and the seller through the steps of buying/selling the townhouse and really made buying a home a pleasant experience. Their use of all the online resources like DocuSign and Basecamp made the whole transaction easy – from offer to closing. After we closed, Jeremy helped to make sure everything on the check list was completed and we were good to go. Because of Jeremy’s on point approach, it helped us to quickly narrow down exactly where and what we wanted. Jeremy is the type of guy you want working with you! He knows the area like the back of his hand and all the ins and outs that an out-of-town investor in Blacksburg needs to know. You are in great hands with Jeremy at your side. Had it not been for him taking the time to show us the good, the bad, and the ugly, we could have surely made a costly mistake. Instead, we have a house that will be a great investment and something that we can call a “home” away from home. When we are ready to buy/sell again, be sure we will be calling on Jeremy!

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Response from Jeremy Hart on 07/18/2014

What a great mid-afternoon pickup! Thank you, guys! Hope it's a great place for you.



07/07/2014 - wrascher
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in Blacksburg, VA.

Jeremy did a great job of keeping things moving forward with a very difficult seller and Alma kept everything organized throughout the entire process. Overall, things went very well and we got a really nice house at a very good price thanks to the two of them.

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Response from Jeremy Hart on 07/08/2014

Excellent - Alma is most certainly great at keeping things on track! Welcome home ...



06/30/2014 - mvalvt
Bought a home in 2014.

Jeremy and Alma are nothing but great professionals. Both guided us through the purchase and were very prompt with information and made themselves available to connect when questions or challenges arose. I would easily recommend this team to anyone in the NRV who is looking to buy or sell.

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Response from Jeremy Hart on 07/01/2014

Thank you! 4 out of 5 on "Process expertise" - we'll have to work on that!



05/23/2014 - user9021433
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 in Blacksburg, VA.

Being a scientist and educator, we looked for realtors (and reviews from clients) and then cross referenced a short list with a.) the number of closings last year and b.) how close the properties sold to their asking price. We interviewed two potential realtors and listened to how they planned on marketing our home. After talking with both realtors, we decided to use Jeremy because we felt his comps and marketing plan were good. We showed our house something like 19 times in 6 days and received an almost full-price offer on the 6th day. Jeremy and Alma's workflow was organized, clear, and we always knew what stage of the process we were in and what hurdles would be coming next.

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03/27/2014 - jasedit
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 in Christiansburg, VA.

Jeremy was absolutely amazing to work with when trying to buy a home. We were new to the area, and had a relatively limited amount of time to make our home purchasing decision. He pulled together a strong list of houses to look at based on our input, and was incredibly generous and informative as he showed us around town. We thought everything went perfectly in our trip to find a home, and made an offer - only to have it fall through at the last minute. We were at a loss, but Jeremy came to the rescue, organizing a second set of homes for us to visit on incredibly short notice.

Jeremy and his team made the entire process easy, straightforward, and painless to go through. By far, working with him was the best experience we've had with realtors.

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11/18/2013 - vthokiefans
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $325K in Blacksburg, VA.

Jeremy excels at learning what you are looking for in a home. He asks a lot of questions, all geared to help him understand what you like and don't like; what you can live with and what you can't, etc.

His knowledge of the Blacksburg housing market is extensive and he honestly wants you to find the home you will love, not just one you can settle with. He is patient and honest. And his team at Nest Realty is wonderful to work with.

If you are looking for a realtor to buy a home in the New River Valley, especially in Blacksburg, we highly recommend Jeremy.

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Response from Jeremy Hart on 11/19/2013

Thank you, vthokiefans - you're the best! Hope you guys are settled and happy!



09/30/2013 - user58667318
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 in Christiansburg, VA.

Jeremy Hart is an honest, professional and overall wonderful realtor! He has extensive knowledge of the local neighborhoods and was extremely helpful to us in making the decision to purchase our new home.

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Response from Jeremy Hart on 10/02/2013

you guys are the best!



09/30/2013 - user7516587
Sold a home in 2013.

We have bought and sold houses twice with Jeremy's assistance over the past several years, so as repeat clients, we've clearly had very good experiences working with him!  I can't imagine another real estate agent working as hard for his clients as Jeremy does.  And he knows the New River Valley inside and out. He listens carefully to find homes that closely fit his clients' needs and wants. And he uses innovative marketing strategies to really showcase the best aspects of a home.  While much of it happens behind the scenes, the negotiation phase seems to be a particular strength of Jeremy's. He really does his research to determine a fair asking price or offer, and has the details to justify that number.

I never hesitate to recommend Jeremy to a friend in need of a real estate agent. While we plan to stay in our current home for a while, Jeremy will absolutely have our business in the future if we move. If you're looking to buy or sell in the NRV, Jeremy's your guy.

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Response from Jeremy Hart on 10/07/2013

Thanks for this! You guys make this fun, I promise! Now please .... no moving again anytime soon?! :)