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03/25/2013 - kels05anne
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $175K in Southside Flats, Pittsburgh, PA.

Jerry assisted me in the purchase of my first home. Typically, this is an extremely stressful endeavor, but I can honestly say that having Jerry on my side gave me the peace of mind that allowed me to learn from and enjoy the experience. He provided honest, sound, well-contemplated advice and has many very helpful connections in the real estate world that contributed to the ease of the process. People who excel at their jobs often want to associate with others who do the same and, in this instance, a truly wonderful team has been created as a result. I plan to utilize Jerry for all of my future real estate ventures and highly recommend him to anyone in the market.

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08/13/2012 - user027644
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $250K in Bloomfield, Pittsburgh, PA.

Thorough. Knowledgeable. Professional. If these are the qualities you are looking for in a realtor, then I highly recommend Jerry White. When my family decided we had outgrown our first house and it was time to move, we hired Jerry as our agent. Holding three open house sessions and booking an average of four showings a week for two months, he worked tirelessly to sell our house. He also demonstrated patience as he showed us many prospective new homes and determination as he strove to find the one that best suited our family. In every stage of the process, Jerry was there to help whether it was offering advice about preparing our home for showings or helping us foresee what kind of home would be best for our family not only today, but in the future. Buying and selling a home can be a long and stressful process; however, having a dedicated and supportive agent like Jerry can actually make it fun and enjoyable!

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10/12/2011 - dandipietro
Bought a home in 2011 in Mount Lebanon, PA 15228.

My name is Daniel DiPietro, Jerry White recently assisted me in the purchase of my first home and I in all honesty could not have gotten that accomplished without Jerry's help. Jerry's a former high school chemistry teacher and in my opinion this portion of Jerry's life has truly instilled in him the virtue of patients. At 28, I still remember with clarity the degree to which I personally could give a teacher nightmares in high school and while my ten year reunion just past and I've matured a bit, I know I'm still not the easiest guy to have to with. Having said this mouth full; Jerry never blinked and I put him through the ringer. Met in May of 2011; I'd been looking for homes since the beginning of the new year and had probably met 30 agents at 30 different listings. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, I told them all I was firm on my price range. Jerry is the only one who didn't immediately call me the next day to tell me about a place way out of my price range. Rather the next day he called with a list of "realistic" possibilities and offered to meet with me to check them all out. This went on for four and a half months, Jerry would find one place after the next, every week or so I'd take up a few free hours of his summer saying no to everything. Point is, I would have bailed on me after two days of this. Jerry just kept on it and while he legally could never say anything about his other clients, I'm pretty sure most of them where going to make him a much healthier commission then myself. For Jerry this never mattered, the only reason I didn't just give him five stars across the bored is it always looks phony on review pages like this and my hope is someone like myself might read this and pick up the phone. I have so many reasons I'm thankful I met Jerry, in the end his hard work and thoroughness are a distant second to his loyalty. This review is important to me because for all the work he did for me he deserved to make much more than he did. My hope is I can convince even one person to do themselves a favor and get Jerry White on their side, it honestly will be the easiest part of your home buying process. Thanks Jerry, I'm almost done remodeling I'll be in touch soon.

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