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Jesse Clarkson wrote:

West Coast-ite seeks new locale. Looking to rent home...prefer Southern US

As you may have seen from the site, there is a great abundance of affordable unoccupied homes, largely in part to the foreclosure crisis. Therefore, finding a home to fit your specifications will not be an issue. I am currently in the market to meet the interests of people just like you so I think I can be of assistance if you don't mind me asking a few questions. There are great financing options offered in these dire times so purchasing your own home just may not be out of reach.What states have caught your interest?Is Florida too far south?What is your price range/monthly housing income? (remember, monthly income shouldn't be more than %29 of total budget..however, there are financing options that allow up to %41)I believe I can help. If you have any interest, feel free to email me @ I also frequent the Zillow site.
June 05 2011