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Jesus Pazmino wrote:

The Top Agent/Monolith Media - BEWARE

I'm in Florida and paid $2,200 for the same promise. I asked for copies of the media channels and slots the ads would be airing and was never even given 1 slot. I have placed media when I was with other companies and it's as simple as providing the time, day, and channels the ads would be airing. It's not rocket science placing an ad.  I'm actually in the works with NAR, Florida Realtors, and my local board to see if they can place ads or notify every agent across the nation warning them of such companies and to only do business with reputable companies.  I can offer one piece of advice.Always try to pay your business expenses with a credit card. Especially American Express. Stick to the names we know such as Zillow and others. Trust me, the leads will come in.  Get a zip code or multiple zips...expand your areas...get some rentals...ask a friendly neighboring realtor for referrals and vice versa. You never know where the business will come from.
May 08 2012

Are the zestimate listings confused with "For Sale" listings?

I get those calls all the time.  Oh but zillow says the home is for sale and home is already sold - two years ago- Obvious IDX feed issues???Oh but zillow shows the Zestimate for $209,000 why are they selling it for $300,000.  Sometimes I am not sure where the Zestimate value comes from exactly, but the formula or data definiately needs to be reviewed by Zillow.  Oh but zillow shows the rental rate as $1,200 - This should not even be on there.Something needs to be reviewed with the agents. Hold a conference or a monthly session about issues and or concerns.
March 21 2012

MIlitary In need of advice to sell or rent my home.

Alan is 100% on the money here.  Speak to the VA representative and they will be able to assist you during a PCS.
January 28 2011
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