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How can you find a realtor that can actually sell?


Great question! I often find myself having this discussion with clients. Although a tremendous amount of my advertising dollars go toward internet exposure, I am still a bit old school in the respect of open houses, post cards and the like. I find that evey property requires it's own marketing strategy. What is the average buyer demographic? Who is it we are marketing to? All of this information is crucial in developing your strategy. Best of luck -Jim 

How has this site help everyone


This has certainly been a boost to my business. I find that buyers on Zillow are focused on what they want, qualified and ready to move.

How much to offer for a shortsale?


It has been my experience that a short sale in most likely to be approved by the lein holder if the offer price is reasonably close to the list price. Not to say that you must offer asking price on a short sale listing. Short sales can often be great deals, and they should be, afterall you are going to wait quite a while for an answer from the lenders. Patience is rewarded. Consult with your realtor to do a comparative market analysis on the home of your interest and make a reasonable educated offer. Best of luck -Jim

Are we Legally Bound in this Offer ? If so, for How Long ??


Before spending money to hire an attorney, I would pick up the phone and call your agents broker. She/he will get you a copy of your purchase agreement if you do not already have one and then most likely resolve the situation (free of charge) sometimes you need only ask. Good luck to you and indeed keep us posted.

Pet Odors.....How much of a factor are they, if any, when marketing a property for sale?


Daily I have buyers who walk in and right out of properties with unpleasant odors. I make a practice of honesty with my sellers, if there is an odor in the home... be it pet or otherwise, I tell them and offer suggestions on how to eliminate it. Afterall they are paying us to sell their homes, it is our job to ensure their home is putting it's best foot forward, not foot odor forward. Keeping a sense of humor helps too!

When do you know property values have reached bottom?


If the indicator is multiple offers, then WOO HOO Michigan is there. I have buyers offering on homes at $150,000 that they are being beaten out of in multiple offer situations. The reality is, we may bounce along at this "bottom" for some time.

I'm considering moving to the Brandon twp, Oxford MI area which concerns should I have?


Your basic instincts and those of you agent are your best tools. Drive the area, talk to neighbors, visit city or township offices and ask questions. The most important thing to look at will be the sellers disclosure statment (required for seller to fill out on every sale in Michigan) it will tell you eveything you are asking about (landfills, wells, septic, shooting ranges) anything that would impact value of the home. Good luck and happy home shopping! -Jim Shaffer

How accurate is a "Zestimate?"


Little know fact, at the very bottom of the Zillow page there is a link that says Zestimates and accuracy. Click on it. By law they have to disclose accuracy. The stats are broken down by sold price verse Zestimate and also by state. Take a look it is interesting to say the least. -Jim Shaffer