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    Best months to list your home?


    HI Kelly,That is a question with many answers.  Here in Phoenix, May-July are the months that have the most sales.  But, if your home is in an adult community Jan-March are the prime months.  But there are more factors to consider.My brother in law just listed his condo in Minneapolis.  It's the middle of winter, -4 degrees and snow everywhere.  Sounds like the wrong time to try to sell a home.  Why now?  He was advised that the inventory is so low for similar homes that any buyer interested would certainly have a look.  Smart thinking, I'd say.Best answer:  Consult a local experienced Realtor. 

    How do you find the top selling agent for a particular area?


    Check Zillow, Trulia, for consistent names of agents.  Then do a generic zip code and city search in Google.  Productive agents usually find a way of floating to the top over all.  As mentioned below, many of the "top agent" searches don't provide the best agent for an area but some one that has paid to advertise.Pick at least 3 agents to interview.  Ask them specific questions about the area.  If they don't know about the area, keep searching. If they provide local knowledge, you probably have a winner.Good luck!

    for sale by owner in WI


    High end home sales are best left to the pros for maximum exposure.  But Zillow does offer a listing as Neeraj posted above.  Good Luck!

    How do I get my ex real to off of my house?


    That sounds like a state specific question as it deals with contract and real estate law.  Here in AZ, once the listing contract expires the home should be taken off the MLS.  A new contract or extension needs to be signed by agent and seller.  Lower the list price at that time.  Again in AZ, if you are both on title either party can list the house but both need to sign any purchase/sale contract.Additionally, if you are both on title but divorced, the real estate agent works for both of you.  Were either of you awarded the home in the divorce?  In my experience that can facilitate functions of the sale if you were. 

    Short Sale


    Short answer is no.  Best answer is push the offer up the chain of supervisors of the mortgage holder(s). Lenders are not required to accept a short sale offer but general do when it is in the best interest of the end investor.  When we stall processing a short sale with the worker bees, we always try to get to the queen.  Good luck!

    Turning Down Listings


    Eric and I agree.  Both is the answer.  I tend to be accommodating with a higher list price to "try the market" but have a frank discussion about what that test will include i.e what price and for how long before reducing.  Let's be real, in some cases your clients desire to push the envelope has resulted in a higher sale price than you thought.  I believe the major component to consider is whether the seller is someone you want to go through a listing like that with.  Good luck!