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Will installing a geothermal increase my house value?

Although Geothermal systems are extremely effective, they are also very costly.  You should evaluate all factors based on inital cost versus anticipated years that you plan to stay in the home.  Although the tax credits and energy savings will be appealing to potential buyers, they will not be recaptured dollar for dollar.  I would not recomend adding a geothermal system simply to sell the home and re-capture your entire investment unless you calculate all factors against many years of savings pprior to selling.  In Carmel Indiana, geothermal systems are not uncommon but not as familiar to many buyers as some other parts of the country that might better jusify the systems costs. 
February 06 2013
Are low interest rates motivating home owners to sell and move up, or other factors?
What is prompting North Indianapolis suburban home owners to list and sell there homes?  I have heard many Carmel and Zionsville owners say that they are considering selling but I have not heard any reasons unless people are finding a great deal on a new larger or smaller home.   
February 06 2013
What is your criteria for Carmel and Zionsville buyers when selecting a buyer's agent?
Business improvement ideas,  Evaluation criteria for clients selecting a buyer's agent.  What is important to potential buyers?  Where are buyers finding and selecting their Real Estate reoresentation for a buying decision?
February 06 2013
What do buyers and sellers want most from a Real Estate Agent?
In the effort for continual improvement, I believe it is vital to listen to feedback.  I have asked this question of many potential buyers and sellers as well as non-clients.  I have recieved a multitude of general answers but no clear quantifiable components.  I would appreciate any thoughts or answers on this subject.  It is important to be the best any of us can be no matter what business we are conducting.  Especially as a Realtor, peoples' major life decesions depend on our hard work, integrity and insight.  We serve every role form psychologist to advisor.  Altough it would be impossible to please all people at all times, many of us are in this profession because we want to help and please people with dreams of buying or selling a home.  Please help me gain a better insight into this issue.Thanks and God Bless  
September 19 2011