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Houses around me are being taken off the market for this time of year. Is that a bad move?


Some people feel their home won't sell this time of year so, they choose to take it off the market in order for the MLS to show a smaller number of accumulated days that the home has been for sale. These sellers can be doing themselves a great disservice. I do agree that there are not as many buyers actively looking this time of year, however, those who are looking to buy, seem to be serious about it. There are fewer "tire-kickers" out there this time of year so there are not as many showings but, those who are motivated to buy a home, make their search a priority. By taking your home off the market, you miss the chance of competing with the smaller number of homes that remain on the winter market. If your home is on the market there is a chance it can sell at any time. If it is not on the market there is virtually no chance that it will sell. Take care and good luck!

Real estate agents are a joke, all they do is open doors and process paperwork,part time no problem


With success in other businesses, for others and for myself, and with Masters and Bachelors Degrees in Leadership and Management, I can clearly state that I have never worked so hard or for so many hours as I do for my Real Estate Clients. There are about 180 steps to a Real Estate Transaction and they take time, effort, dilligence, skill, and professionalism. As in any industry, there are "slackers" out there but, I would hope that the majority of us earn every cent of our commissions.