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Caa someone please tell me how to avoid the message must have no more than 100 characters for null,


When I try to make any changes to a listing, on any computer,  I get a red message saying: "there are errors with your submission please see areas marked in red below", and the "additional remarks" section shows with a red box around it, and a message in red appears under the box saying   "You must enter no more than 100 Characters for null"    and then I have to delete all the extensive MLS listing information in that box before I am able to save my open house or other modificaton to the listing.  This takes a lot of time to scroll through and delete, PLUS presumably I am now deleting all this info from the listing.  After deleting the info, I am allowed to save my changes.  It is extremely annoying, cumbersome and non-functional.  Zillow has been no help, even though as a customer of zillow, I pay about $1000 a month.