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9 showings in week 1, no offers....too soon?


My general rule is if we get 10 or more showings in 14 days with no offers it's time to talk about a price reduction or fixing whatever is the problem if we know it from feedback. If we don't get any showings in the first 7 days it's definitely time to talk about a price reduction. The only reason a house doesn't sell is because of price and everything is relative to price. 

2019 s Beedh still listed


It is listed as pending in MLS which means it has a contract written on it.I tried getting hold of the agent to find if that's so. No answer but I'll keep trying. Email me at

I pay $800/mo. for 1 bed apt., should I just find a home for rent and hope there's an option to buy?


In all honesty you should try and buy a home and quit enriching your landlord and start building some equity for yourself. Often times in that price range, $800, you will lay out less cash every month for a nicer place that is your own. It's also a great way to hold on to your money and even grow it. Now is a good time too as economic indicators are pointing to an improvement in the economy which will mean higher prices and interest rates. Check out this blog for more information and guidance.