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When will you take a picture of our house instead of showing a condo down the st as us?


For some reason there are several listings in Zillow that their system has pulled some inaccurate data.Once your listing is posted in th MLS by your Realtor, the data feed should update with the right information.  Do you have an agent already?  If you do, contact the agent to see if he/she can make the correction asap to avoid any confusion.If you're not working with anyone yet, I would be glad to look into it for you!

value pf 4955 pershing place in 63108


Hi Fran,Are you in Pershing Place? What size is the home (square footage/number of bedrooms and bathrooms)?Depending on size and condition you could be anywhere from $500k to $850k.  I would be glad to meet with you and give you a valuation specific to your home.My office is right in the DeBaliviere neighborhood so I'm very close and know the neighborhood well.