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12/20/2014 - AlaksSevugan
Home building service. Somerset, Bellevue, WA

We used Buchan Homes to build our home last year. Overall experience is below par for what you would expect from John Buchan. In the quest for increasing their profits, they are cutting corners that they should not.

- During the design phase of the construction, they were so disorganized and their designer had no idea on how to get a house designed with the options we needed. - When the house was being built, they installed all the wrong options. I had to work with them on a daily basis to rectify the errors. - Quality of painting is so bad around the house. Even Dr Horton home was much better in this respect - Cabinet finishes were poor quality even though we were paying top dollar for it - They installed a counter top that was broken - had to work hard to get the issue resolved. - It takes 2 minutes for the hot water in any tap around the house. They are not willing to address this issue. End result, my water bills are higher. - Vents for air-conditioning in the master bedroom is not doing its job. It takes hours for the master bedroom to cool down, while the secondary bedrooms are really cold and my kids have to wear sweaters, hats, socks and gloves to keep them warm in summer. This is not being addressed by them either. - Be in the kitchen area when the toilets in the master bedroom are flushed and you would hear the loud noise of the water being flushed down. They are not willing to fix this issue, unless we pay for it. Really? - Door are really poor quality and the weather sealing has been poor. - Light seeps through the doors, when the doors are closed in the master bedroom. This ends up waking us up in the mornings when the light is turned on. Even Dr Horton, Centex homes were so much better in this area. - We chose Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes for faucets, and cabinet door handles. We are noticing that the oil rubbed bronze coating is coming off in quite a few places - really poor quality for a high end builder. In summary, John Buchan quality has deteriorated in the last few years when the new management has taken over. So if you are choosing John Buchan homes, be prepared to face all the basic issues I have highlighted here.  More Less 

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