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Is this a Great Time to Buy???


Today is a great time to buy, intrest rates are at their lowest point and the prices are also low, if you have great credit you should take advantage of the market

Why hasn't my home sold???


The truth of the matter is that price will affect the sale of your home, to high aand no one will come , better offer lower and have buyers fight over it.

How do I show that the home has Sold?


Call Zillow and let them know that your home has officially closed and changed hands, then the will take it off the website



The amount of bedrooms should alwayschange the value of the house, 2 homes side by side in the same location , the 1 with more bedrooms should be worth more money.

should I update my condo?


you will just get back what you put in for updating kitchen and bathroom, but it will make it more likely to sell

Cost of down to studs remodel?


more importantly than just getting estimates, go and find a contractor who is reliable and highly referred