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John O'Brien wrote:

To Zillow staff. See details.
Please remove existing agent information and photos for 1136 N. 91st St, Unit A Seattle, WA 98103. Owners have changed Listing Agents and I want to post my photos, property description and information. What is the easiest way to do this in the future?John O'Brien
August 11 2009

Old Photos Still Showing

I am a Realtor with the same problem regarding photos. The previous owner posted photos online a year ago, the home sold and now I am listing it for a new owner. I emailed the previous owner and he said he no longer has it claimed and has no way to remove photos. Property address is 1630 32nd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98105. Please delete the old photos (from 2007) ASAP. Also, is the best way to contact Zillow? Should you folks have a "help" email address? I've searched the site but didn't find one. John O'Brien
October 06 2008