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Do you need pre-approval before you start working with an agent.


Hello,Getting preapproved is an easy process and your agent can walk you through the process. There are lenders I work with you can fill your app on line and fax or email them the required document and can get you an ans very quickly. It is a good idea to know how much do you qualify to buy so you wont be looking at homes beyond your reach. Pending means home is under contract. 

purchasing a foreclosed home


There are really no tricks, depending on the condition of the home. If the home needs lots of work I highly recommend that you get an estimate prior to putting an offer. Either way I highly recommend that you get a home inspection which will inform you of what needs to be done. Factor the amount of repair into the price and make sure doesnt exceed the average Market value of the home at minimum.

When to Pre-Qualify or Get Pre-Approved


Yes! It definitely does not hurt to be pre-qualified or pre-approved, as a matter of fact it is highly recommended that you do that. No seller will look at an offer unless it is accompanied by an approval letter. It would be a huge benefit to you to be pre-approved so that if you do find something you can make an offer right away and not worry about anything coming up to delay the process. Best of luck to you! 

1st Home as Down Payment for 2nd?


Yes that is possible! As long as you qualify for the home equity loan and you will still be able to qualify for the loan on your home. As far as the type of lender, any bank would be happy to help you do that, just depends on the amount of equity you have and credit. Best of luck to you!  

Unreasonable hikes in prices


The best thing to do is get connected with a knowledgeable Realtor who can do a thorough price analysis of the property you are interested in. Right now is a very good time to buy with interest rates a low as they are just do the research to find out if the prices on properties are accurate. Best of luck in finding your first home!