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Jonathan Mann wrote:

Which adds more value to the selling price, 4 bdrms 1and 1/2 baths or three bdrms 2 and 1/2 baths?

Having 2 full baths is a big advantage over merely 1.5.  If you are intent on remodeling, I would invest in a master suite.  Having a master suite is hugely marketable especially if the type of inventory in your neighborhood does not typically offer that.  Your home will stand out head and shoulders over the rest.  3 bed and 2+ bathrooms is the way to go.  ...Is it possible to convert the half bath into a full or 3/4 and keep the 4th bedroom still?
July 23 2013

We placed and offer and in the process of getting and FHA loan but haven't gotten a contract

Try having your agent "walk" the offer in to the listing agents office.  Delivering the offer in person is a great way to both establish rapport with the listing agent, as well as receive a response to your offer, or at minumum be assured the offer was in fact received.  This would be in addition to emailing the offer or submitting it however directed in the listing.In the meantime get your pre-approval dialed in so you are ready to hit the ground running once you do get that offer of yours accepted. Good Luck!JM 
July 22 2013
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