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Low home appraisals


For me, when this happens it always depends upon the buyers agent and listing agents relationship. I currently am on the buy side of what was an fha buyer and the appraisal came in $29k Light! Sales price of $155k. The listing agent and I have a really good relationship and this is our first transaction together. WE (All parties) came together and decided to go with another lender and go conventional and it worked! The second appraisal through a different lender and appraisal management company came in at $158k! $3k over the sales price! That's a $33k swing...just got the clear to close today!Agents coming together will always be more advantageous for all parties involved instead of having a set approach on how to deal with a low appraisal. All parties thought the house was really worth the $155k (especially my buyer) so we chose to move in another direction. With conventional deals having such low down payments these days (5%, sometimes lower), anything is possible when both sides come together and it doesn't hurt if there is a little more $ available from the buyer.Using good comps to justify your offer from the start before you place your bid is going to be a good move too. In the end, we cannot control the appraisers, but we can always do our own research and come together to present it in the best way possible so that others who disagree, could possibly reconsider or make some adjustments due to your efforts.

Listing agent forces me to use a realtor to see the property?


User,     You are never and should never be forced to do anything, especially getting hard closed on real estate. However, Most successful top producing agents would have asked you the right questions over the phone on first contact and set an appointment for you to come into the office so they can help you get what you want.Listing agent or not, if your a pro you will do what it takes to earn the potential clients trust through a consultative approach that educates not intimidates. If I represented the seller, I would have referred you to one of my most trusted buyer specialists and you would have loved the service every step of the way. I too, would have maximized my service for you by not only getting you inside that house you want to get in, but providing an amazing realtor for you who only does buyer side transactions to guarantee your fiduciary interests were looked after,  Every State an place is different and so are the people you encounter along the way! Good Luck to You! I think you will be okay, keep reaching out with questions.

What do you look for in a Realtor?


Roxanne,That is indeed a great response to the question. I too, like to take the consultative approach and explain the buying process from start to finish. Education of buyers & sellers is what makes a smooth transaction even more efficient. I appreciate your swift response and Look forward to working together one day!