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Wall Upholstery

HOME DECORATING,UPHOLSTERED WALLS, HEADBOARDS, CORNICES, WINDOW TREATMENTS.This job was done in a catering hall in New York.The walls were covered with one inch thick of sound absorbent panels.Over the panels I had installed a half inch flame retardant Dacron padding.The third step was to apply the fabric over the padding.I finished the perimeter with double welt that was made from the same fabric.

10 Tips before you move

You just sold your house...Now what?It is moving time...Did you pack everything by yourself?I got some tips for you:1) Pack a suitcase with cloths for a few days2) Mark all the boxes3) Now it is a great time to eliminate anything that you don't need4) Anything of value you might have- should be transported with your car.5) Pack in small boxes...6) Ask the movers to come first thing in the morning...7) Let the post office, phone co. electric co. etc. know that you are moving8) Have some family members to watch the movers in different spots...9) Have a signed contract with the movers.10) Always deal with a well known mover who is insured...

Curb appeal

Curb Appeal Does Matter...  This beautiful water fountain was located by the front entrance of an apartment building in New York city.Beside that there was a beautiful garden with different flowers.It must have cost plenty to created such a lovely look...By doing so, the management had created an image of high standards and charges accordingly.The building has about six hundred apartments...At an average of $40,000 per year per apartment, It is an investment well worth it. 

Pro to Pro

Do not give a legal advise  a real estate attorney is in charge of the legal aspect of the real estate transaction.The home inspector is in charge of the home inspection.The loan officer is in charge of providing loans.A real estate agent is in charge of Getting listing and, showing properties,promotion, and attending the closing...When the attorney, is too busy than the buyers or seller do call the real estate careful do not give a legal advise...

Taxes are up on Long Island

Expences too high? Why not live together...?  (Members Only) (edit/delete)Working in many homes I had noticed, that in a lot of houses, you see families living together under the same roof.I had a customer who is 60 years old. He had renovated his house...He built a small apartment for himself and gave the rest ofthe house to his son, who is married with two children.This way they share the expenses and the kids will get to go to the public school.It is a good partnership, because when the kids are young, the grandparents will baby sit, and when the parents will be oldtheir son will take care of them.On Long Island you do see sometimes, two or three families living under the same roof...People will do anything to survive during bad times.

Upholstered Walls--Home Decorating

What do you do if the walls are in bad condition?You can upholster the walls with Fabric. By doing so, you hide the walls and create a beautiful look.This Upholstered walls turn out to be amazing...To do Upholstered walls requires a lot of skills and years of experience.You need to know the nature of the fabric on walls that you are installing.Upholstered walls or as some might call it: Wall upholstery is used in bed rooms, living rooms, offices, hotels and cateringhalls. 

Difficult Other Agents


Put your skills to work...You have knowledge- show it...When you know your trade people will respond to you...Good luck.

Phone books? why?

Do we need the phone book...?  Every year I receive eight books...The Yellow pages, the yellow book, the telephone book one for the county one for for the village etc.What are we doing with this books?Do we use them?I don't know about you but, I get all the information on the Internet.This morning I have decided to get rid of all those books...