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Landlord Selling, wants us out 4 days before our escrow closes on the house we are buying.


The full eviction process takes weeks, so he can start, but not finish the eviction process against you in a matter of days. You will be able to keep physical possession until the eviction process is complete.  However, since your lease has terminated on the expiration of the 30 day notice, you are in unlawful detainer, basically a trespasser, which may allow him to collect damages against you.  Consult with a local real estate attorney.

how would i go about selling a home left to me in a will?


If the property is out of probate, presumably title is in your name.  Now, you can just sell it like a regular house.  I would start by hiring a realtor.  The realtor will price the house at a discount due to the defects, but you should have interest from real estate investors/developers. You should also bring the taxes current right away to avoid losing the house at a tax auction.  If title is not in your name, you need to back to probate court and get that done. Any liens will be paid in escrow at the time of sale when they do a title search.  However, you can do your own title search by going online to a title company and buying one.

why wont a house sell


It could be your description: