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I am a first time home buyer and i am wanting to know if i have to pay anything to get preapproved?


A reputable lender will pull your credit. Some lenders will charge you a small fee upfront for this where others take a chance, pay out of their own pockets and hope that you continue to use their services as a lender. After you get your per-approval letter and you have an accepted offer on a property, your lender will order the appraisal and some will charge you that upfront and others will not make you pay until closing. Good luck in your purchase!

What are some good for sale by owner tips, is it worth the work?


Not every seller can afford a realtor so here goes: you will probably need to do a lot of open houses. Put on as many websites as possible. Post as many ads in your local paper as you can. Send invitations out to all neighbors inviting them to your open house. Don't show your home to anyone unless you have someone else with you for safety reasons. Good luck to you!

How to deal with termites with an old cracked foundation


I agree with Mr. Davidson:Realtors are not termite experts. I would like to add that, based on my own personal home "termite invasion", termites came up from under our concrete slab. We had to cover "pin holes" then the whole house had to be treated. Otherwise, according to the exterminator, the termites would have continued eating! Alot of damage can be done in 8 years! Get several estimates and some ins.policies will cover.

How to make an offer and get accepted


I am assuming that you ave a realtor to represent you. He or she will go over the current comparative marketing analysis with you and can also pull up research on the property: how long sellers have lived there, what they paid for the property, etc. all of these factors will be helpful when writing an offer. Most of the time, sellers will negotiate with a buyer when they think you are being fair. Good luck to you!

How is it possible to sell and buy a home at the same time?


Depends if you need the proceeds of the sell of your home in order to purchase the new one. If so, you can sell first, then take the HUD to the new purchase on the same day. This is called a back to back closing. Hope this is what you needed.