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1488 Via De Roma Green Valley

Why are only 5 photos showing for this listing (1488 Via De Roma Green Valley AZ 85614)?  When I go into edit photos there are more than 20 photos and yet only 5 can be seen by the public.  How do I fix this issue?

6 Questions To Ask Before You Hire a Realtor To Sell Your Home

1. How many home did you sell last year?2. What designations do you hold.  Designations like Certified Residential Specialist (CSR) show an agent is committed to their real estate career by investing in advance training.  3. How will you market my home?  Look for an agent who is leveraging the power of the Internet.  4. How will you keep me informed?5. Can you provide references?  6.Are you a REALTOR?  Realtors subscribe to a  strict code of ethics and are expected to maintain a higher level of knowledge of the process of buying and selling real estate.[links removed by moderator]

Wave the home inspection?


I would never recommend waiving the home inspection--it is a small investment that pays big dividends not to mention peace of mind and the protection it provides for an agent.

Is staging really necessary?


Research shows that a staged home will usually sell faster and for more money than one that isn't staged.  Having said that it doesn't have to an expensive proposition.  Keep a few key ideas in mind:  make is sparkly clean inside & out; let the sun shine in--plenty of light be it natural or otherwise makes people feel better than dark spaces; finally, keep in mind that clutter eats equity and space sells.

Does a realtor normally charge to deliver a "For Sale" sign?


I have NEVER charged a client to put a for sale sign on their house and always have a full sized sign delivered to all of my listings because I figure I am marketing myself as much as I am marketing your home.  The cost, at least in my area, is a mere $28 to have a post & sign installed...a small investment that has always paid big returns for me. 

how do I delete a listing from zillow


Go under "My Zillow"--pull up your listings and on each listing you will see an area that you can click to edit or cancel your listing.  Click cancel--the listing will still show in the list of listings for a short period of time but if someone tries to open it up they will get an error message.

How do I find a realtor that will SELL my house?


Find an agent with high visibility on the top Public Real Estate agents for they are the ones that understand that 85% of all real estate sales start on the Internet.  You want an agent that is technologically savvy and one with advanced training -- look for CRS and ePRO designations as they have the skills to get your home sold quickly and for the most money.